Azure Data Lake, Azure Analysis Services, Power BI and How They Relate

Loading Data From On-prem SQL Server to Azure Data Lake Store and Data Visualisation in Power BI

I recently spoke in Tampa Dev Azure Meeting in a webinar form on 31st Jan 2018. We received interesting questions during the presentation. My aim was to introduce basic concepts of Big Data, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS), Azure Data Factory (ADF)  and Power BI.

I would like to thank Tampa Dev organisers and all attendees for giving the opportunity to speak in this session.

In this session you learn basic concepts of:

  • Big Data
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS)
  • Azure Data Factory (ADF)
  • Azure Analysis Services (AAS)
  • Power BI
  • And how they relate

Session recording:

You can see and download the presentation file here:

Download (PDF, 14.47MB)

2 thoughts on “Azure Data Lake, Azure Analysis Services, Power BI and How They Relate

  1. Soheil,

    I have the same architecture Data Sources -> ADF -> ADLS -> ADLA (U-SQL process and prep to create dimensional model in csv files) -> ADLS -> AAS -> Power BI
    as you mentioned in this demo. I am also not using SQL Data Warehouse as AAS nicely connects to ADLS csv files.
    In light of Microsoft, no longer promoting ADLA, as they are promoting DataBricks which is PaaS solution and I like SaaS solution such as ADLA.
    Any suggestions on how to make the current architecture future proof and enable it to handle Unstructured Data, IoT data in 2019?

    Mukesh Dutta

    1. HI Mukesh,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Look, you’re right about Microsoft promoting DataBricks, however, they are different technologies with different audiance with different skillsets.
      My 2 cents; I don’t think ADLA will be depricated anytime soon.


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