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On Saturday, 9th June 2018, we announced the existence of Power BI Documenter. As the name resembles, Power BI Documenter is a tool to help individuals and businesses to document their Power BI Desktop models. Everyone who already have several Power BI Desktop reports probably realized that documenting the solutions is not as easy as how creating a report in Power BI Desktop is. The issue is more visible in larger organisations with several Power BI Developers who are busy enough with a big list of tasks that are assigned to them on a day to day basis. Therefore, there is no time left to take care of the documentation. Every IT expert knows how important is to have proper documentation. We at Data Vizioner decided to do something tangible about this issue. So we started the project several months ago with the vision of creating web app to help individuals and businesses to keep their Power BI documentation on track. In this post I’m not going to explain how you can easily start documenting your Power BI Desktop reports using Power BI Documenter. You can learn more about Power BI Documenter and how to use it here. Despite the fact that the current version of Power BI Documenter is the very first version of the app with lots of limitations, it indeed can help users with their Power BI documentation tasks. All you need to do is to export the Power BI Desktop files (PBIX) to Power BI Template format (PBIT) and upload it to Power BI Documenter web app.

At Data Vizioner, our aim is to add the most important features to Power BI Documenter in the next few months. We believe in the value of the users’ feedback, so please send us your feedback either using the Chat Box that is available in Power BI Documenter right after you login.



Or using our social media channel which at the moment is limited to Twitter only. Here is our Twitter account: @PBIDocumenter .


I’d like to thank all of you who already give us their invaluable feedback especially the following number one experts in the BI world for taking their time testing the pre-release version of the tool and giving us their thoughts:

Marco Russo
David Eldersvld
Imke Feldman
Patric Leblanc
Christian Wade
Meagan Logoria

Stay tuned to hear more about Power BI Documenter.

5 thoughts on “What is Power BI Documenter

  1. Always good content. I have been putting your ideas into practice and have progressed substantially.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. All your blog posts are helpful. Will the documenter work for power bi reports with live connection (direct query) as well? While testing out Tabular Editor which can open pbit files too, it needs the report to be in import mode.

    1. Hi Swapnil,

      Welcome to BIInsight.com.
      The Documenter works in both modes, DirectQuery and Connect Live. But keep in mind, when the connection mode is Connect Live, the data model resides in your SSAS server and not in Power BI. Therefore, the Documenter can only reveal the report level measures created in Power BI on top of the remote data model sitting in your SSAS server.

      Hopefully that helps.

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