Operating on different source SQL Server instances in a single SSIS package

In some cases we need to do a single task for lots of SQL Server instances. Assume that we have a web based programme. The programme’s database is distributed across the country and we have 10 different virtual (VM) servers to host the programme’s databases. The programme is working based on some configurations that are stored in a CONFIG database. The CONFIG databases are hosted by 20 different SQL Server instances to serve 20 different clients. The SQL server instances are all named SQL server instances hosted by those 10 virtual servers. We need to update the CONFIG database for all regions on a monthly basis. The database structure of all CONFIG databases is the same. In this case a simple way is to create an SSIS package for each source server to collect the data from all source databases one-by-one. This means that we will have 10 copies of the same SSIS package that each package is pointing to a server as a source server. We need 10 packages because we can retrieve the CONFIG database list by writing a T-SQL script or using an extra Foreach Loop Container. So we need a SSIS package per server.