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My name is Soheil Bakhshi. I am originally from Iran, living in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

I believe in the power of knowledge sharing. I learnt and still learning a lot from other people who might live thousands of miles away and I don’t even know them. One way that I can PAY FORWARD is to also share my knowledge with others:

When I was a young boy I fell in love with data. I learnt MS-DOS 5 in 1994. Soon after, I learnt GW-Basic, and I was amazed by some beautiful graphical outputs of running some lines of code.

I started working in the IT industry in 2001. During my journey, I’ve done many interesting IT projects. From programming with Delphi 5 and Delphi 6, Paradox database, SQL server 2000, to creating insightful and professional dashboards in Tableau Software and Power BI.

In 2019 I received my first Microsoft Data Platform MVP award, which is a big milestone in my professional journey.

As a Business Intelligence Consultant I provide the following services to the industry:

  • Conferring with clients to identify their requirements, conducting business intelligence best practices
  • Conducting training workshops with my customers
  • Speaking in local and international events
  • Providing consultancy in Microsoft business intelligence solutions including:
    • BI Strategy, policy, technical documentation and governance
    • Self-service BI solutions with Power BI Platform
    • Data Modelling
    • Data warehousing (Kimball approach)
    • ETL solutions using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Power Query
    • Semantic Model with SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Models and Multidimensional Cubes
    • Cloud BI based on Microsoft Azure technologies

I hope you find this website useful, and I’d love to see your feedback, so please leave your comments in the “Comments” section below each post.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Soheil,

    I don’t know anything about Power BI , confusing about how to start and where to start.


  2. Hello Soheil,

    It was very informative post on Power BI. I would like more post in Power BI, Which will be helpful for people like me to get an more insight and try to implement in our works.

    I would like to know about the gateways, How to setup the reports in Power BI & All.

    Once again thanks for your efforts..


    1. Thanks Soheil, I am looking forward to it.

      I want to know i am exploring some of the topics , i have one doubt can we setup Power BI personal gateway in the same system where like local system and the schedule refresh is showing disable .. Can you help me out

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