Power BI and iFrame

Power BI is growing very quickly and there are tons of fantastic features added to it during the past few months. So there are lots of Power BI subjects we can talk about these days. In this article I want to represent a new feature added to Power BI Service which is “Publish to Web”. Publish to Web is basically putting Power BI reports in an iFrame. So now we can combine Power BI and iFrame  together and embed Power BI reports into a web page to share data insights to the Internet. Keep in mind that the data we publish to web will be available to anyone on the Internet. So we really need to make sure we do NOT share any confidential information and we have the rights to share that information.

Note: Publish to web feature is in Preview  so it is available for all users with no costs during the preview. So you don’t need to have a Pro account to be able to use this feature for now.

I also explain how to embed a rich media content in your Power BI Dashboard.

Note:  Publish to web and embedding a rich media content to your dashboard are different features available in Power BI Service.

Power BI Publish to Web

Publishing a Power BI report to web not only creates a link that you can send in email, but also creates HTML iFrame you can put in your blog or website. I would like to remind you again that the “Publish to Web” feature is only available in Power BI Service so don’t get confused by looking for such a feature in Power BI Desktop.

Enabling Power BI Publish to Web

To enable Power BI Publish to Web follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Power BI Service
  • Open a desired report
  • Click “File” menu then “Publish to Web”

Power BI and iFrame

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